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Best Practices for Using the Java Collections API
The Collections API has been available since Java 1.2, but many programmers still rely on legacy collection classes like Hashtable and Vector when there are more flexible alternatives available. This article explains the three interfaces that are the basis of the Collections API—Sets, Lists, and Maps—and how an understanding of them can make the applications you build more rigorous and flexible.
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Getting Struts' <html:optionsCollection> tag to work for you
The struts-html tag library provides many tags that support persistence of user-entered form data between HTTP requests. The <html:optionsCollection> tag enables the labels and values associated with <OPTION> tags in a <SELECT> dropdown to be populated from a domain dynamically defined by the application, but the documentation about this tag is somewhat vague and confusing. This article explains how to make use of this tag in your Struts application.
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Who Says You Can't Take It With You?
article on popART web-based e-mail system
A Brief History of Tags
article in Java Developer's Journal
Interview with Leon Shklar
Scott Swigart and Sean Campbell talk to Leon for the How Software Is Built blog.
An Application Development Framework for the Virtual Web
with Dave Makower, Evan Maloney, and Sveta Gurevich
Java, RDF, and the Virtual Web
series of articles at
   [ part 1 ]     [ part 2 ]     [ part 3 ]
Java Technology Design Patterns for High Load Web Sites
with John Burket

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